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Posted on: Monday 1st July 2024

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Race report by Greg:

Thanks everyone what a race tonight . I was running really well until I decided to make an overtaking manoeuvre to pass 4 runners mid way. Got sick of single file traffic 🤣 Big Mistake I dive bombed into the ditch and fell flat on my chest winded myself. This happened 3 times . I lost my rhythm and my number along with my orange smiley Magnets. Mark managed to calm me down and told me someone would find my number . Honestly I thought my race was over . Anyway my number appeared and then Mark and Tony passed me, then Andy

It wasn’t long after I tripped again. A doctor running from Darwin said I looked pale . Coming back and I stumbled again with Josie on my tail. She told me to take it easy as she passed with ease .

Over a minute slower than last year . Sally made clear sense coming back . I am often too hard on myself, and I should enjoy it more as it was a great night with Lostock. It was much better than TV and football.

Thanks everyone we all put in a great performance, and Andy for driving me and Sally especially saving his vest and heart rate monitor left on his roof . It was still on when we got back despite his blue light run back 🤣 for the footy.

Just resting with a swollen ankle.. A golden Arches on way home cheered me up .. Replacement of salt loss 🤣

Race results:

Lostock Ladies had a fantastic race coming first in the teams category. Other epic results include:

Tommy Smith 41:08

Tom Grundy 42:26

Tony Marlow 43:47

Mark Shuttleworth 44:03

Josie Greenhalgh 45:00 (2nd in age category)

Andy Laycock 45:15

Greg Kilshaw 45:51

Nikki Hamerton 47:33 (2nd in age category)

Sally McCoy 48:14 (3rd in age category)

Rachel Hancock 50:44

Mark Checkley 59.27



Latest club news

Lakeland Trails – Ambleside

Lostock AC members enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Ambleside in the Lakes District taking part in a number of the Lakeland Trails challenges. The event sees participants taking part in a numbers of races including 100k, 55k, 23k and 14k. Josie and Greg opted for the epic 55k challenge. The course covers an epic 35miles ... Lakeland Trails – Ambleside

Monday 15th July 2024
Blackpool Music Run

Jo completed the Blackpool Music 10k. The race takes place on Blackpool Promenade and runners complete 2 flat circuits along the costal path. Jo was the 6th female across the finish line and 2nd in her age category in an awesome 48:47.

Monday 15th July 2024
Peak Forrest Fell Race

Race report by Checkers: Always had this race on my calendar. Having previously done the tour of Bradwell I remembered what the terrain was like. Even though it was damp today I still chose trail shoes. As the grass trods are like a carpet and fantastic to run on. I also had my tour of ... Peak Forrest Fell Race

Monday 15th July 2024

120 Members
544 Miles ran this week
50940 Elevation gain achieved this weeK

What our members love about Lostock A.C.

Greg Kilshaw
Joining Lostock AC has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I decided to give it a try mainly to loose weight and meet new people. It's really helped with my weight, mental health and output on life. I've been in the club over a year now. Everyone makes you feel so welcome and I love being part of the Lostock family. My running has definitely improved, especially seeing all the medals I've won. It is not just running, Lostock offers other activities too such as cycling, bootcamp and skiing. All I've had a go at which has just been brilliant. Lostock is my second family . I have entered the Machester marathon next year and an ultra. All this for someone who couldn't run . Everyone has made me feel very welcome in the club, I now consider myself to be a runner and would recommend anyone to give Lostock a try.
Rachel Stevens
I joined Lostock AC to help improve my running and to motivate me to run more often. The club has surpassed my expectations. I am not from Bolton originally and did not have many friends in the area. I now feel part of an extended family. I have been encouraged and supported to run half marathons, marathons and an Ultra. I would never believe this was possible 3 years ago.
Rachel Hancock
I’m proud to be a member of Lostock AC, it’s an inclusive club with lovely people, there’s plenty of sporting activities to get involved in and the social get togethers are always welcoming and fun.

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